SUPER LUTEIN – a Nutritional Supplement with Carotenoid as its main ingredient

SUPER LUTEIN is a nutritional supplement containing rich amounts of carotenoids (β-carotene) that are found abundantly in brightly-coloured vegetables. Carotenoids are known as important nutrients beneficial for a healthy lifestyle and have gained prominence in recent years.

Strict Manufacture Procedure Ensures Your Everyday Health

As SUPER LUTEIN is a daily supplement, we insist on ensuring high safety standards in its production. Our ingredients are subject to strict inspections and our products are manufactured in compliance with the GMP for dietary supplements.

  • ※ GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice): Standards for manufacturing and quality control

The Mysterious Power of Marigold

The main ingredients of SUPER LUTEIN are extracted from the flower of Marigold and Gardenia Jasminoides. Contradicting the common belief, the mysterious creature named flower is designed not only for the purpose of[cultivating] or [blooming], but also for [eating].

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